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What is the program?
Do you have a Web site? The DriverShield ADS Corporation Affiliate Program will enable you to earn money by placing the DriverShield's banner or link on your web site. You can dive into the world of e- commerce today by joining the DriverShield Affiliate Program. All you have to do is sign up online and link to our site! It's so easy; you can start earning referral fees today!
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Enhance Your Site!
Virtually every adult in the U.S. has a car. Adding DriverShield's services to your site is an easy way to make it more valuable to your visitors while increasing repeat visits to your site! By simply linking to DriverShield' services, you can help your site make more money while enhancing your visitor's experience.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
  - Read the DriverShield Affiliate Agreement.
  - Complete the Online Application.
  - Once you are accepted, we will send you email with complete instructions.
  - You get paid! A commission check is sent monthly for money earned as a DriverShield affiliate.

Linking to the Program
Place the unique link on your web site. To enhance the link or draw more attention, we recommend you use the DriverShield banner.
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