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The following are frequently asked questions about our auto services and discounts membership.

Q. How does my membership help me save money?
A. Check out our savings chart.

Q. How does the roadside assistance benefit work?
A. Your membership kit will contain a personalized card that has the toll free number for 24-hour roadside assistance printed on it. Whenever you need assistance you will only need to make one toll free call and help will be on its way. We send the service provider prepaid for covered expenses up to $100.00. This way you just sign the receipt when the service is complete.

Q. How do I best take advantage of the Auto Service Hotline?
A. There are several ways to utilize the hotline.
  1. After you receive an estimate for work to be done to your car simply Call in and we will review it with you. We can tell if you are being charged fair labor rates for your area, being sold unnecessary parts and more.
  2. If you have discovered a problem with your car and want advise on the problem and how to handle it – just call us!

Q. Can I use the trip-planning service for business and pleasure trips?
A. Yes. There is also no limit on the number of trip plans we will customize for your travels.

Q. What if I am in a collision and need body damage repair?
A. Our qualified staff will refer you to a repair shop, manage the entire process and guarantee the work for as long as you own the car.